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Initiative to support Ukraine's Antarctic mission

Green Cert Ukraine company is pleased to announce the signing of a memorandum of cooperation with the National Antarctic Science Center (NASC), which manages the station "Academician Vernadsky". 
On August 19, 2021, the Ukrainian and British sides signed an act on the purchase of icebreakers by Ukraine. The icebreaker will be used to solve the station's logistics problems, deliver staff, and resume exploration of the oceans.
2021 is a unique year for Ukraine. For the first time, it becomes possible to deliver Ukrainian products, equipment and inventory to the Akademik Vernadsky station.

We invite Ukrainian companies engaged in the production of consumer goods to join companies that have already passed or are being verified (Rud, Aspik Group, Rivneholod) to take part in this initiative. The event "Ukrainian Sun in Antarctica" will be widely covered in the Ukrainian and international media and will be held in November this year.

* - the event is available to all companies that have passed the GREEN energy verification.