Percentage of energy from renewable sources:
in electricity consumption

in the total amount of all types of energy consumed

Verification period: from 01.08.2020 tо 31.07.2021
Company Name: JSC «Zhytomyr Butter Plant»
Trade Mark: RUD
Product / service: Production of ice-cream and milk-based products
Location: Ivana Honty str., 4, Zhytomyr

Production under the RUD trademark began on April 1, 1998. Over the years, the company's products have become the market leader in ice cream, frozen fruits, vegetables and semi-finished products.
The key product of the company is the production of ice cream, at the Zhytomyr Butter Plant it produces 150 tons per day.

Using Ukrainian raw materials and European quality, RUD TM products are already glorifying Ukrainian production abroad.
RUD TM products can be purchased in the European Union, China and the United States.


17 354 785,00 КWh
diEsel Fuel
1 118 788,82 КWh
114 189,00 l
Natural Gas
14 519 398,96 KWh
1 545 486,00 m3
United Energy System
of Ukraine
970 132,48 KWh
own green electricity
0 KWh
Overall Used: 32 992 972,78 KWh
Overall Green energy: 970 132,48 KWh
Іncluding green energy: